Jotting Down Your Damages

The next is, once the discovery and interrogation process is over what next could possibly be writing down everything, documenting and making it more real. Now the damages you may recover could be, medical expenses that have incurred to you due to continuous medical attention required for the injuries, the next would be wages and salaries you have lost, your attorney will surely know about it as they have discovered how many days you haven’t attended the workplace and how many more days are you going to relax at home, the next would be pain and suffering that you are going through, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment and other sort of loss that you have directly incurred due to the accident. All this would be noted, documents will be collected and then these will be secured by your only submitting when required.

Submitting Demand Letter To Insurance Adjuster

Once Phoenix injury attorney figured out that the loss you have incurred is a lot or whatsoever, the next would be estimating the value for all the loss, calculating it and figuring out how much to expect. Now the point here is, you as well as your attorney will have a long conversation on this about what you expect discussing everything, keeping all the point transparent and then calculating the amount. Once the settlement value is fixed, your responsibility is to send a demand letter to the insurance adjuster about how you are expecting for your case. This letter also includes the loss you have incurred and the value you want to recover from the loss. This is a very precise letter that holds crucial information. So do not be in a hurry to decide everything. Make it strong with strong evidence.


This is a very important step to negotiate with the insurance adjuster because this is true that they won’t agree to the demand letter’s value. As they only want to think about their own insurance company and your second. So they will try out ways and means to provide you less than you deserve by pinpointing important evidence that is against you or using any wrong statement that you might have said in stress. Negotiation can go for a long time until you both decide to agree on a value and say yes to it by further moving on with the other formalities. Legal help will be sorted out easily only if you let your professional handle your case because the information they hold about the legal world will always be better than the information you know about the legal case of yours. So be practical and make sure you are under the guidance.

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